Walking Guided tour tour da 1 Days

Walking Guided tour

The Walking Tour is a guided tour shared.

Once a residential commercial town, Pompeii is one of the most important archaeological

sites in the world and it covers a total of 170 acres.

Lost for Hundreds of years two to ITS burial under a layer of ashes and lapilli in

the Vesuvius eruption of 79 AD, Pompeii Has Regained today ITS ancient prominent

role in the Campania Region.

Pompeii is a bit like a maze and it􀀒s easy to get lost even with a map.

Our aim is to let you visit in 2 hours the main highlights of this massive archaeological

site without having to disburse The entire rate of a guide.

Book your tour in Sorrento station or in Pompeii station or Directly online on



Meeting point is at Pompeii Scavi Villa dei Misteri Train Station.

Available: Every Day

Not Included: Entrance to Pompeii

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e-mail: info@pompeiholiday.com

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