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Pompeii discovery

Pompeii discovery, the archeological site, Herculaneum and the nearby attractions

Pompeii. The discovery of this treasure is a magical moment for each of us. Pompeii’s archeological site, just as the Herculaneum’s one, can tell us many information about our past, moving through the ruins you will feel like you’re an actor of a movie or the protagonist of a historical novel written by Robert Harris. A dramatic story gave us the perfectly preserved remains of our original culture, the cradle of the world, the roots of the European civilization. Are you ready to live the mystery of discovery?

Almost like in a documentary made by National Geographic or History Channel, you will find yourself walking among houses, villas, temples and shops, accompanied by your personal guide, a compelling storyteller ready to answer to all your questions.

This is exactly our purpose: bringing people to the discovery of a priceless heritage, like a new Indiana Jones, to dialogue with the inhabitants of ancient cities, opening the book of history and becoming protagonists of a past era.

Pompeii and Herculaneum are an authentic Wikipedia of past cultures. You can also decide to discover Pompeii on your own, listening to the narration of an audio guide designed specifically to reveal the most interesting and fascinating details. Our visits to the excavations are suitable for families and children, everyone will remain breathless in front of the casts, especially while admiring the "lovers embraced\”. It is also easy to fall in love with the intact fresco called "Leda and the swan" (one of the last discoveries of the archeologists!).

With the same professionalism and passion for the discovery, we will accompany you to explore the surroundings of Pompeii, including excursions to the slopes of the Mount Vesuvius (with a tasting and the exploration of a local winery!). How about diving into the pristine waters of Capri? We like the idea of planning unique and exclusive experiences, suitable for groups and couples, families and single adventurers, revealing the amazing beauties of an outstanding Paradise. Pompeii discovery, follow us in the amphitheater of the world, where every day you can travel through time and discover an unparalleled nature.

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