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Lunch on the outskirts of Pompeii

Take a rest and relax after a long visit of the archeological site and enjoy a 4 courses lunch in a wonderful and enchanting place.


Lunch on the outskirts of Pompeii

If you are looking for a lunch break in a quiet place, after a long and exhausting visit to the excavations you just have to leave the site from the entrance of Porta Marina Superiore and reach our restaurant, where you will be welcomed by our staff and you can relax in our magnificent lemon grove for a 4-course lunch including an appetizer of cured meat and cheeses, the typical "BRUSCHETTA" with tomato, first course with the famous "gnocchi" alla Sorrentina and lastly sausages or ribs with baked potatoes. All in an enchanting, quiet and familiar place very close to all connections to return to your destination.

Information for the visitor

Meeting point:

Osteria Nonna Cherubina, Traversa Andolfi, 15, 80045 Pompei NA, Italy.

Tour info:

What's included:

- Cured meat and cheese appetizer

- Bruschetta

- Sorrentine gnocchi

- Sausages or ribs with baked potatoes

Not included:


Booking specifications

  Duration: 2 hours Professional Chef   For families   Outdoor activity  



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