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Stand up paddle Experience

Daily - no reservation required


Stand up paddle Experience

Swim in the crystal clear weater and visit the ancient roman ruins. 

Available also in the afternoon, at sunset and private tours.

Information for the visitor

Meeting: We will meet at the soul and fish restaurant 20 minutes before departure, have an introductory session about SUP technique and safety. 

Departure: We will pass in front of the ancient tuna fishery and travel along the limestone coast of Sorrento, towards the Bagni della Regina Giovanna, where you can take a swim, take lots of photos and explore the ruins of the Roman age.

Return: We will admire the Roman villa of Pollio Felice from the outside, then we will slowly return to Marina Grande to conclude the tour.

Info at : sorrento@pompeiholiday.com

Booking specifications

  Duration: 2 For families   Outdoor activity  



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