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Vesuvius All Inclusive

Small group tour to Mount Vesuvius


Vesuvius All Inclusive

Semi-private tour to Mount Vesuvius through its national park.
Admire the breathtaking views across the Bay of Naples with Capri, Sorrento and Ischia in the distance, but the lasting memory for most is the view down the massive crater.
A fun trail of a gradual ascent on foot thereafter to reach the crater ( approx. 20 min)

Information for the visitor


Train tickets return from Sorrento
Vesuvius entrance tickets
Semi-private transfer back and forth Pompeii Station to the National Park
Alpine guide service at your disposal

Do not forget:
Comfortable shoes, hat, light jacket

Info at: sorrento@pompeiholiday.com

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  Duration: 4 With Bus   Outdoor activity   Entrance Ticket  


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